Inspiration - Nature (almost) inside!

11:11 PM

Now this first one almost has my name on it! I love it!! I've always wanted windows the size of the walls, especially in the living-room area... Of course, in that case, it would be preferable to have a lot of lush vegetation in the vicinity of the house, and perhaps not live at the Polar circle, to have constant light in the summer months. Because you need that large TV screen to watch movies every now and then, and it's not so nice with sun shining inside. Not that there's too much danger of sunshine in the North. 
I love that chair also, I could see myself sitting in it reading a novel and swinging gently..
I wonder how much the heating bill would be for such a spacious living room. And how many Beagle nose prints I would have all over those windows!

How about this one? Bringing nature literally INSIDE? It looks pretty amazing and it would be perfectly fine by me, as long as there would be any extra inhabitants, like small mice, bugs or spiders!

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