Inspiration - Purifying indoor air with plants

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Ever thought you might clean the air inside your home with the help of plants? Of course you have... I am living in a small jungle here as well. But what you did not perhaps know is exactly which plants are most useful. Hopefully this post will help. And also a bit mixed with a few modern ideas of how to display plants.
Research by NASA and Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) have come to enlighten us with a few key plants that will not only survive indoors but give us a daily boost of endless breathable air.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm Tree is a great living room plant. Excellent air humidifier, removes Carbon Dioxide and toxins from the air. A recent study done by NASA gives this indoor plant an air purifying score of 8.5.

Snake Plant

Snake plant (also called Mother in law’s tongue) is an ideal bedroom plant. Even though most plants take away Oxygen at night, the Snake plant does the reverse and maintains a healthy amount of Oxygen near you while you sleep.

Money Plant

Removes formaldehydes and other volatile chemicals. Can be a good addition to just about any room.

Other Aesthetic Plants

If you plan to use plants indoors for more of their visual effect and not so much for their air purifying abilities, read on. The industry is bringing new modern and exciting ways of displaying plants. Totally cool and funky displays like these will please any crowd and provide conversational pieces at your Eco-friendly dinner parties…

Here is a neat concept. They call it the ‘Flower box’. It includes boxes that house living plants which can be hung on a wall.

These futuristic alien-like Plant pots are called Golly Pods by Tend:

These interesting towers of plant life are called ‘nature individuelle’ by patrick nadeau:

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