Candle creative and Merry Christmas!

10:35 PM

Personally, I love candles. I have a few on almost every evening. For lack of a fireplace in my flat, when I have friends over, I always have a big bunch of candles on, one end of the table. Big and small, tall and short, all kinds.

And it's Christmas, everyone should have candles on during Christmas time. Have a magical night and get some inspiration from these beauties:

Hanging light from the renowned lighting designer Ingo Maurer uses a candle’s flickering light and a few safety mechanisms to allow for that simple candle design to hang in mid-air. This hovering candle consists of a wax-candle with a suspension rope and a drip catcher.

There is really no reason a candle has to burn from top to bottom – that is simply a tradition we have based on the way candles are conventionally made. Inspired by a model of molecular structures, Christoph Van Bommel created this innovative alternative candle design balancing between order and chaos.

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