Inspiration - Outside terrace and garden ideas

3:24 PM

After a lot of Pinterest browsing and (let's be honest here) a bit of drooling, I managed to collect some ideas and inspiration for outdoor terraces and hangout spots.

All pictures from Pinterest, they are not mine.

Oh the girly girl in me would love this.. Not sure we will ever get to do it, it's so much work and probably maintenance and let's face it, not too practical. Who has a chandelier in a garden house? But it's pretty!

This could be quite easy to build and have a small spot to kickstart the garden in spring.

Love the tree slices as a path... I just wonder if it's possible to have them in this very moist and rainy climate, without them rotting. Maybe it could work inside the greenhouse. 

Maybe rocks instead. We certainly have no shortage of rocks in the land... Without the griffin statue though.

Need this! There are so many birds here. Ok, there is not much shortage of water in any season, but maybe with a bird feeder and water together.

Could be a nice corner on the terrace near the house. Good spot to hide from the wind too. Love the big mirror and old looking stone flower pots.

Absolutely yes for this one! In this climate, it would warm the house on sunny days and it would be a great spot to have your coffee during most of the year! Full of greens of course. And flowers. And a small iron cast table with iron chairs around. Maybe a chandelier. Or maybe not.

Great way to have greens growing. I am thinking a lot of basil, coriander, thyme, salvia, parsley, mint, lovage, dill and some others I haven't discovered yet.

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