The Seed Sensei

2:58 PM

One evening we were browsing with my husband, and from one search to another, we came up with a new small business idea.
As this blog is about real estate mainly, but also about decoration, garden and practical and/or gorgeous inspiration ideas, I can introduce you to our idea: The Seed Sensei!

Complete seed kits for your urban gardens, kitchen windows, balconies, or small terraces. Great to be offered as gifts, each kit is eco friendly, fully biodegradable and comes with easy to use instructions.

Make your home green and fresh!

Fragrant and delicious herbs for desserts: lemon balm, mint and lavender

Make a little happy place for bees and butterflies on your terrace!

Catnip exerts an incredibly strong attraction onto our feline friends.
Some flowers are not only beautiful, but can also be added to salads and veggies mix for an extra kick of taste and color

Get your own "magical" moving plant

See more products and pretty seed paper cards in our Etsy shop!

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