Why Professional Real Estate Photography Matters - apartment in Tallinn

10:59 AM

When selling your home, ensuring that you do everything in your power to enhance its appeal and decrease its time on the market is vital.
Gone are the days when buying a home involved picking up a newspaper with classified ads and browsing through them and making tons of phone calls; or hiring a a to a realtor to do that for you. Back then all ads were text and no pictures were available.

The digital age has propelled advancements in the way that the real estate industry operates, and now buyers have access to high-quality images of houses in their price range at the simple click of a button.
Professional real estate photography is a powerful tool that is crucial for the successful sale of any home. Although DIY-culture is increasingly popular in this day and age, leaving something as important real estate photography up to an amateur can hinder the sale of any home.

Professional real estate photos can make a huge difference for your listing, as you can see in the before and after images below. In this particular case, I also helped by staging the apartment a little, since it was completely empty and it's important to create a sense of proportion and a home-y feeling. The kitchen being brand new and of very good quality, I focused more on that.

exterior of the building



balcony view

balcony view




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